How a Next Generation Firewall Can Benefit Your Business

security guard representing next gen firewall

Firewalls are a big component to security. You use them all the time, likely without even realizing it. Computers and even mobile devices come equipped with firewalls which create a layer of security, blocking foreign connections from accessing your hardware.

For companies, it’s the first line of defense in the realm of cyber security. But as technology grows, so do the methods to improve its security. Now, organizations have access to next generation firewalls, which provide a host of extra benefits.

If you’re curious how a next generation firewall can better protect your company, read on.

Next generation firewalls greatly assist companies because they offer precision protection, whereas traditional firewalls are very general. In some cases, traditional firewalls cannot protect against certain threats and lack useful features such as network monitoring. They are “reactive” instead of a proactive defense.

For example, a next generation firewall has strong filtering tools to block certain types of connections. A BYOD policy which wants to only allow Microsoft devices access to the network can use the next gen firewall to block MAC addresses of non-complying hardware.

This filtering combines with the traditional firewall protections, along with other streamlined features such as built in antivirus (though this may depend on the next gen firewall used).

IT and management have greater depth and control over their security, not just through protocol filtering. Software, apps and other specific functions can be regulated, increasing security throughout multiple levels of a company’s network.

With this increased visibility to the activity of a network, one might conclude managing a next gen firewall has greater complexity. But fortunately, this isn’t the case. Many next gen firewalls are far easier to use, making security management a simpler process.

All these measures are deployed with real-time network monitoring. This is one of the best proactive ways to spot and prevent threats before they occur. This also increases network efficiency by monitoring network usage, either for errors or malicious purposes.

All these features ultimately tie into less operating costs. Not only is downtime averted, but maintenance costs are significantly reduced too, as there are less resources required to operate a next gen firewall.

As you can see, the benefits offered by a next generation firewall are numerous. It helps IT with simpler management and identifies threats proactively, avoiding downtime situations.

These are great features for companies looking to enhance network security on nuanced levels. As a business grows larger, so too does its demand for better security and need to manage policy on granular levels. As such, next gen firewalls, combined with other protective solutions, can be an invaluable asset against modern malware.

If you’re experiencing security problems related to your firewall, it’s a good idea to seek upgrades. Next gen firewalls are extremely powerful tools and give you numerous options for highly specific security needs, increasing network efficiency entirely.  If you’re not sure how to move forward, let Stratosphere Networks help.  Give us a call at (877)599-3999 or fill out a contact form to speak one on one with an experienced professional about the benefits of upgrading your firewall.

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