4 Key Benefits of Desktop Support

desktop support

As a business begins to expand, its reliance on technology becomes more apparent. Most modern industries have IT support and teams in some fashion, relying on them to handle upgrades, solve problems, and conduct maintenance.

Other companies, though, may not have the resources for dedicated IT. Unfortunately, without knowledgeable staff, this means problems can escalate quickly. When not resolved, those same problems worsen and potentially lead to things like downtime.

It’s a scenario no company wants to face, but IT problems are an eventuality. Fortunately, there are methods to help with these issues. Desktop support is one of them, whereby a third party connects via desktop platforms and offers resolutions, advice and analytics.

If you’re not convinced, here are four key benefits of desktop support solutions:

1. Fast Problem Resolution

Among the most critical of benefits, desktop support can solve technical problems in expedited fashion. Whether these problems are simple or advanced, resolving them quickly is essential to productivity.

Desktop support also works with trained technicians who have a wide range of experience, so they can offer a variety of solutions to problems.

2. Remote Worker Support

Desktop assistance is especially helpful if your company utilizes a remote work solution. Workers that manage operations off site will likely run into technical problems, but will be limited in who they can contact.

But, with desktop support, those remote workers can access help from their device. This keeps them on task and prevents breaks in performance, where traditional solutions would have that remote worker contact the office for support, or similar.

3. Better Security

Among the many troubleshooting questions your staff will likely have, viruses and malware are part of them. It is important to have these problems resolved as quickly as possible. Malware can spread on a network quickly when not accounted for, causing havoc and potentially damaging software or hardware.

Desktop support can help remedy these attacks. In some cases, they can even offer monitoring services to watch for unusual network behavior. This proactive defense keeps your company safe, and prevents serious disasters like downtime.

4. Better Worker Performance

Because errors are taken care of quickly, a workforce is able to focus on its tasks without interruption.

As a side benefit, desktop support can help troubleshoot various questions about new software, work related questions, communications, or anything else they might need. For example, say your business is utilizing a new universal communication program and some employees need help installing/using it. Desktop support can answer any questions they might have, leading to a successful adoption of the new software and overall better performance.

Desktop support can fill many roles, either as additional tech support to an established IT team, or as the de facto tech support. Considering how many errors and issues arise from tech, it’s crucial to have a form of IT support that is efficient for your business. Therefore, because desktop support is cost conscious and fast, you’ll reap the benefits without suffering major technical errors.

Desktop support is something to consider if your company deals with a variety of IT related problems.  Contact Stratosphere Networks today by filling out a contact form, or by calling (877)599-3999 to learn about the services desktop support can provide to your business.

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